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Special Features

  • The blades construction ensures easy replacement, as they are bolded not welded. The gear and the pinion are made of cast iron
  • Less effort needed to discharge the drum of the concrete mixer, through the big and strong little gear.
  • Optimal mixing and reduced mixing time thanks to a special counter bottom that pushes the material towards the sides of the drum
  • The wheels are made of solid rubber and designed to grant the maximum traction of the mixer on the ground.
  • Powder coating ensures UV protection, durability and resistance.
  • The cabin of the electric motor is equipped with openings for the aeration.
  • The mixer can be supplied with big cabin suitable to any type of diesel, electric and petrol engine of the major international brands
  • Shock absorber system for diesel engine cement mixers protects the structure of the frame and reduces vibrations during use.


Lino Sella World was established in 1963 by Mr Lino Sella as a company producing building machinery. From 1965 it became specialized in manufacturing cement mixers and hoists. The company currently relies on more than 450 dealers, operating all over the world and proving that Lino Sella World is a leading company in its sector. Over the years our company has created a range of cement mixers and hoists focusing on the product to anticipate and support the needs of the customers and of the market.