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Based in S. Mamede do Coronado, in Trofa - Portugal, with 5.000m2 of own facilities ergonomically functional, Mopave is distinguished by strength, availability, safety, efficacy, quality (acquiring in 2004 the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 certification) and competitivity, investment in production and distribution of a wide range of top quality gasoline gensets and diesel welders.

Generator/welder Standard composition:
·         Silent canopy
·         Kohler KDI engine (Italian made)
·         LINZ alternator (Italian made)
·         Remote Manual panel mounted on the canopy
o   Deespsea 4510 controler
o   CE socket 32Amp 5poles + beacker
o   CE socket 16amp 5 poles + beacker
o   CE socket 16amp 3poles + beacker
o   Schuko socket + beacker
o   DC – welders standard conectors
o   Gen-weld selector
o   Welder potenciometer
o   Remote potenciometer conector

Trailer standard composition:
·         185/70R14'' weells
·         Rubber suspension axis
·         Galvanized mudguard
·         Agricole or automotive hitch